Wednesday, April 15, 2015

14th April 2015

2015 marks the virgin trip vacation over sea. With so much excitement in discovering how is life like out there. A brand new experience a new life. 13th April 2015 departed from KLIA to BKK.
People here are friendly and heart warming in general. The streets, the bars and lodging is just basically dirt cheap. When i say cheap I mean it is really really cheap. Cheaper than you ever expected.
One incident that really leave a deep impression for Thailand. An incident that really can remind me to always be grateful for what I have.
I happened to drop by a Gogo Boy showcase with the company of my friends. I met this person ny the name of Kong. He is Gogo Boy. His eyes are stunning accompanied with the sweet smile. What is so special about him. I can really tell you that I have no idea. But he is just so darn adorable.
With the opportunity provided we went out. It was awkward in the beginning but as time goes by we seemed to get along. I too got the opportunity to asked him a few personal question. First question run through my mind. Why are u in this industry? With 21 of age? Why would you waste your time working in such industry?
The answers he gave is typically what other sex service personal would give. But the only difference that presented really changed the way I looked at this industry, despite being born in a poorer family and with the hunger for education. He did not steal nor abuse the opportunity provided. That is the only difference that i saw that me stand in awe and i felt so much empathy for him. Money indeed is important for him but he chose to maintain his self dignity and respect. Of course he get paid in the end without even any hanky panky stuff. Just clean chats and laughter.
I sincerely wish all the best for you. Hope to see you again soon. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Been six months in Singapore and I really had a hard time coping up with the paste. People are not as nice as what they potray. Mask are put on and awaiting you to discover what are they hiding beneath those pretty eyes and sweet mouth. Their ugly and hideous soul are yet to be discovered.

As time goes by, I learned to be more careful on who I trust in this working society. As time goes by, one thing I realise. Colleagues can never be your friend. They will pretend that everything is fine and one day they will be over your heads. Wanting to serve a death sentence. People will try so hard to.put you down even when they need to sacrifice their conscience just to get favours from others. They are like hungry wolfs waiting for the right time to attack and kill you. Some people who claims to be your friend ends up being your worst enemy in the workplace. You never know what they did behind you. By the time you realise it, it's already too late. Too late to salvage what you have sow.

Sometime it is so much better to keep things to your own especially when you are working with a bunch "friendly faces". You can never know what is coming.

But no matter how hopeless you are. They will get what they sow. The bad deeds and those hatred they sow. They will get it as the righteous one above will personally take revenge on the behalf of me.

The truth of them will yet to be discovered. Exciting isn't it?